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TWTH-PH’s Trauma Recovery Program enables communities and individuals to overcome stressful events and experiences.


Rebuilding Lives. Overcoming Adversities.

The Philippines is going through difficult times.The people of Marawi, especially, are still putting their lives back together after last year’s heart-wrenching events.


It’s not an easy process. The physical and emotional scars left in the aftermath cannot be easily covered up with bandages and fresh layers of paint.


To help with this recovery, The Way to Happiness-Philippines (TWTH-Ph), in coordination with Marawi stakeholders has organized a series of trainings to manage the trauma experienced by Marawi folks.


The Women’s and Children’s Desk of the Philippine National Police (PNP) took part in a training held last January 18 to 19.

Trauma Recovery Volunteers – PNP

But even before the trainings, TWTH-Ph and its volunteers have been helping with various efforts to ease the difficulties of Marawi residents.

Trauma Recovery Volunteers 

As we move forward, we trust that the people of Marawi will regain back their strength and be able to dust off the the remnants of their ordeal.

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