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We live in a world of increasing immorality and rising criminality. Anyone who has had to rely upon the good will and honesty of others—police, insurance companies, merchants or banks, in particular—have experienced the harm resulting from the lowering levels of morality.

The Way to Happiness was written to fill this moral vacuum in society. With the following programs, tailored kits and steps, anyone can guide others to a better quality of life and happiness.

FOR CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS: The Restoring Self-Respect Resource Kit — This kit will provide correctional officers and counselors with the effective tools they need to restore trust, respect and honesty with the populations they serve.

FOR EDUCATORS: The Educator’s Resource Kit — This kit provides powerful and effective tools for teaching the common sense principles of The Way to Happiness.

FOR BUSINESSES: The employee program provides any business with the tools it needs to improve morale, employee attitudes, as well as productivity.

FOR POLICE PROGRAMS: This program enables police officers to use The Way to Happiness and reduce the spread of crime and violence in their communities.

FOR CRISIS ZONES: These steps help individuals spread calm to areas that are being torn apart by turmoil and war.

FOR GOVERNMENTS: This program will provide nations with a moral code that each citizen, regardless of race, color, creed or religion can adhere to, and will therefore promote peace throughout entire nations.

FOR COMMUNITY GROUPS: These steps will aid them in making a difference in youth and in creating safe environments and neighborhoods.

FOR PARENTS: These steps are used to aid parents in raising and teaching their children common sense values for life.

FOR TEENAGERS: These simple steps will provide teens with a practical tool to aid them in helping friends and in making correct moral decisions on their own.

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