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There are many people one influences.The influence can be good or it can be bad. If one conducts his life to keep these recommendations, one is setting a good example.

Others around one cannot help but be influenced by this, no matter what they say.

Anyone trying to discourage you is trying to do so because they factually mean you harm or are seeking to serve their own ends. Down deep, they will respect you.
Your own survival chances will be bettered in the long run since others, influenced, will become less of a threat. There are other benefits.

Don’t discount the effect you can achieve on others simply by mentioning these things and setting a good example in your own right.

The way to happiness includes being on good terms with one’s parents or those who brought one up.

  1. example: someone or something worthy of imitation or duplication; a pattern, a model.

  2. influences: has an effect upon.

  3. influence: the resulting effect.

7.Seek To Live With The Truth

5. Honor And Help Your Parents

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