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Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) take part in The Way To Happiness Philippines’ launch.


Programs to Reduce Crime and Improve the Community

Drugs, crime and violence, however, only thrive in a culture that has lost clear concepts of right and wrong.

At the root of it all is a loss of basic morals and values necessary to build a culture on honesty, dignity and trust.

Using The Way to Happiness in prevention programs and community policing, you can create a positive impact on youth and help reduce crime and violence in your community.

Nonreligious and nonpolitical, it is employed in schools, homes, businesses and correctional facilities.

The Way to Happiness has proven results in reducing crime and setting youth and adult offenders on the correct path. It has been used to assist community crime prevention efforts and employed in the training of police and correctional officers.

Here are ways you can effectively deal with the lack of moral values and reduce crime in your community.

  • Distribute The Way to Happiness book or The Way to Happiness book-on-film to offenders to get them back on the right track. To order, click here.

  • Have officers give the book to members of the community, to neighborhood watch groups and those involved in community policing efforts.

  • Issue copies of the book to your officers and encourage them to read it and use it when dealing with members of the community.

  • Get The Way to Happiness public service announcements played for youth groups, schools, after-school programs and detention centers and get the educators using The Way to Happiness in their tutoring and mentoring programs.

  • Get The Way to Happiness used in parenting classes, anger management programs, conflict resolution training and gang prevention efforts.

  • Supply parole and probation officers with copies of The Way to Happiness for probationers, parolees and their families.

  • Get copies of the book distributed to inmates in local jails and correctional facilities.

  • Reprint The Way to Happiness (license available by contacting us) for your department or agency.



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